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Champions of Sepsis

In 2014, bioMérieux partnered with the Sepsis Alliance to raise awareness of sepsis during the month of September by featuring one of the many “Faces of Sepsis” stories collected and archived on the Sepsis Alliance’s website. For 2015, bioMérieux will run a daily “Faces of Sepsis” story on

In addition to raising awareness by sharing these stories, this year bioMérieux will also feature “Sepsis Champions” stories throughout the month to profile patients and their family members who have worked diligently to raise awareness of sepsis in order to reduce sepsis deaths.

Sepsis Champions will also profile select physicians and hospitals that have taken great initiative in adopting sepsis protocols, early diagnostic testing and other best practices in the identification and management of the septic patient.

bioMérieux will tell the stories of these extraordinary people and organizations on, as well as work to bring attention to these proactive patient advocates, clinicians and hospitals in their own communities. As a public awareness effort to give patients and their families the opportunity to tell their sepsis stories, bioMérieux invites sepsis survivors and families to “Share Your Story” on our Facebook ( and Twitter ( social media pages.

bioMérieux recognizes and applauds the efforts of organizations such as the Sepsis Alliance and Rory Staunton Foundation for their unrelenting work to drive public awareness of this life-threatening condition.


Watch the inspiring video of sepsis survivor Patricia Cragen and her family as they experience a once in a lifetime event at Strike Out Sepsis Day with the St. Louis Cardinals on August 31, 2015. Watch Video >

See highlights from the Second National Forum on Sepsis, held September 16, 2015 in Washington, DC, and learn more about the Rory Staunton Foundation’s initiatives to raise awareness and knowledge about sepsis. Watch Video >


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