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Procalcitonin: 2009 Sepsis Survey Report

Two physician surveys were conducted in 2009 to gather recent information regarding the frequency of sepsis, its clinical impact and the management and treatment of sepsis in critical care and emergency departments. A total of 281 physicians were surveyed at the 2009 American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly held in October in Boston and the 2009 American College of Chest Physicians Annual Meeting held in November in San Diego.

Rank the following issues 1 to 6 that relate to/impact your job as an ICU/ED physician.
(1 being most urgent priority and 6 being least urgent)


Please qualify your concerns about the potential for H1N1 patients to progress to severe bacterial pneumonia.


What percentage of patients who visit your ED/ICU have pulmonary acute care crises?


Do you currently use biomarkers in the diagnosis of patients with suspected bacterial infections?


If yes, please circle the biomarker test you use.


Does your hospital have a policy in place to reduce antibiotic misuse in the ED/ICU?


If you had a tool that could tell you within 20 minutes if these infections were likely to be viral rather than bacterial, would you find it this test:


In your institution over the last decade, has the number of sepsis patients:


Sepsis is afflicting patients who are:


If you feel there are more sepsis patients and the patient demographic is changing, do you find this trend:


To what do you attribute the increasing incidence of sepsis?


What is the most difficult aspect involved in the diagnosis of sepsis?


If a biomarker test for severe bacterial infection in cases of sepsis, LRTI, bronchitis, and pneumonia could be used to help select the appropriate treatment and guide that treatment during the patient's stay in the ED/ICU, would you use the test to track progress?


If this test was sensitive enough to tell you within just 30 minutes if treatment was working in a patient you feared could progress to septic shock, how many times within the first 24 hours of admission would you order the test?


What concerns you most regarding the overuse of antibiotics?


Considering the barriers to the introduction of new diagnostic tests within most hospitals, what would help make a PCT test acceptable in your hospital?



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